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This is the user portal of Nebulae. In production at


If you want to develop on the portal stack, it should be easy:

  • You need to have Docker and docker-compose installed
  • Clone this repository
  • Create a app/credentials.php file, in which you put:

// LDAP Informations
$ldapAddr = "ldap"; // Exemple: "ldap: //"
$baseDN   = "ou=People,dc=nebulae,dc=co"; // Exemple: "ou=People,dc=organisation,dc=org"
$adminDN  = "cn=admin,dc=nebulae,dc=co"; // Exemple: "cn=admin,dc=organisation,dc=org"
$adminPWD = "admin"; // Exemple: "password
$ldapSSL = false;

// SQL Informations
$dbHost     = "mysql"; 
$dbName     = "portal";
$dbUser     = "portal";
$dbPassword = "secret";
  • docker-compose up -d
  • Go on http://localhost:8062
  • It's running, you can browse the app (default user credentials: joni / password), and dev on your code editor.


Today the deployment of the portal is done manually in the infrastructure:

  • Running on web server
  • Behind a reverse proxy (for HTTPS)
  • Talking to LDAP and MySQL server on the infra